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John F. Kurdzionak

JFK Clock Repair
100 Cummings Center, Suite 159-D
Beverly, MA 01915 USA


Please see Contact Page for map, phone numbers and email address.


I can not provide appraisals for "value" of clocks of any type. Legally, only a "certified appraiser" may do so, and I am a repair person, not an appraiser of "value".

Of course, when considering having clock repairs done, most people just want a general idea of "value", but neither want, nor require, the services of an appraiser. I could certainly comment on what I thought a clock was "worth", but as your clock repair person, I feel it is in our best interests that I not do so. I can be your "repair person" or your "clock financial advisor", but don't want to be both. I prefer to simply be your "repair person".

For a general idea of value, one may check eBay ( and see what clocks similar to his or hers are buying and selling for at the current time. Believe it or not, eBay is an excellent gauge to get a general view of the current "used clock market" (without the expense and complication hiring an appraiser, and without putting your repair person in the awkward position of having to comment on "values"). The activity seen on eBay should be sufficient for most people to make their decisions on whether or not to have a repair performed. Keep in mind that repair charges that I quote for the repair of any clock, are based on the cost of replacement parts, and/or the time required to complete all repair work in the shop (billed hourly). The repair charges are unrelated to the clock's current "value", or its original selling price.

Remember, a LICENSED, CERTIFIED APPRAISER in your home state should be consulted if you desire a true, accurate, written appraisal on the value of your clock.

Parts Sales: JFK sells clock keys. JFK also has available pendulums, suspension springs, escapements, clock oil, and other clock repair items for "do it yourselfers" and hobbyists. An online "shopping cart" is in development and will be online shortly. For now, please contact me with a clear and accurate description of your needs, and/or a photo of the mechanism for which you need parts, or a photo of the sample part for which you need a replacement. If I can supply what you need I will quote a price. Payment may be made by check, or by credit card.

Technical advice or assistance is available to prior customers who may now need assistance with clocks that I previously serviced, and also to those who are contemplating hiring me and have questions about technical aspects of their clocks, and/or repairs in general. Technical advice and assistance can not be provided otherwise.


There is no fast-food style “price menu” for clock repair, on my website. I consider repair prices to be confidential information to which only the repair shop, and the customer (or potential customer), should be privy. I therefore do not publish prices online.

JFK is happy to supply approximate price estimates by phone or over email. At JFK Clock, there is a $10 charge (per clock) for phone or email repair estimates. The price paid for a repair estimate will be applied to the quoted repair charges if you approve repairs, but is non-refundable if you decline repairs.


To receive a price quote via email or phone please click the “Buy” button in the “Request Repair Quote” link below, and use your credit card to pay the $10 price for same.

Then, after your $10 payment has been made, please send a description of your clock (and photos) via mail, fax, email, etc. My mailing address, e-mail address, and phone and fax numbers are listed on my Contact Page. (Include all of your contact information please, so that I can reply to you, and so that I can check that you have made a $10 payment).

When contacting me, please tell me any markings on the front of the clock, and also any markings that are on the mechanism. Also please briefly give me any information that you feel might be relevant. The clock's brand name, its approximate age, its dimensions, how many winding holes it has, what kind of gongs or chimes the clock plays (if any), whether or not it has a pendulum, and its prior repair history, etc., is also information that will be helpful to me.

JFK will examine the photos you send and the information you supply, and will reply with information, and a price quote.


Some clocks MUST be inspected by JFK in order to determine an accurate repair quote, so prices given via mail, email, phone, etc. should be considered “approximate”. Also, prices given via mail, email, etc. are not the basis of a contract between you and me.  JFK will ask for your separate, written approval, if you’d like your clock repaired.

Please note that if JFK cannot or prefers not to repair your clock, he will let you know this, and he will refund your $10 payment. Refunds will only be given in cases in which you have paid for a quote, but JFK cannot or chooses not to repair your clock.


Estimates: In-shop estimates cost $35. The price paid for an estimate will be applied to the repair price if you approve repairs. It is non-refundable, if you decline repairs.

Handling: there is a $40 charge for handling, on clocks shipped to JFK, regardless of whether or not repairs are performed. A handling charge is necessary due to the time required to unpack clocks when they arrive; storage of them while they’re here; repacking them for shipment back to you; and processing the shipping with UPS, the Postal Service, etc.

Return Shipping: There is a $25 minimum charge for shipping and insurance. Large and/or heavy clocks cost more than $25.

If you decide to ship your clock to JFK for an estimate, you may ship it to my shop in Beverly, MA (see Shipping), and enclose a check for $100 ($35 for the price quote, $40 handling, and $25 minimum charge for return shipping = $100), or you may supply your credit card information for payment of this. Please note: before shipping a clock here, please read my Shipping Section in its entirety. It fully details my shipping procedures, policies, and minimum shipping prices.


You may also bring your clock here personally. Rough price quotes done at my front counter after a cursory examination of the clock, are done at no charge.

Clocks left with JFK to be quoted, will cost $35 for the price quote plus $20 handling = $55. This amount will be applied to the repair cost if you approve repairs; it is non-refundable if you decline repairs.

My shop does not have "regular" hours; nor does my shop necessarily keep the same hours from week-to-week. As such, please email or call first, before making the drive here, to confirm my presence and availability. I do not want to miss you, or have you waste a trip!

If I am not in the shop when you call, my voice mail may tell you my hours and availability for that particular week, or may ask you to call back at a future time. You may come in at any time that my voice mail says that I am "open".

Please see my Contact Page for my shop address, my phone and fax numbers, or if you have any questions or want to arrange for a time to bring your clock here.

Please note that repair prices that I quote, and that I charge, are unrelated to a clock's original selling price or its real (or perceived) “cash value”. Price quotes for repairs are based on the current cost of needed replacement parts, and the current cost of being in business. The clock’s retail price a decade (or more) ago, or its “worth” today, might be interesting numbers…but they are unrelated to JFK’s repair of the clock.

Finally, I ask that before bringing or sending your clock here, that you consider reading my Privacy Policy and Business Ethics Statement. From it, you'll learn a bit more about me; how I treat our business relationship; and how I treat your clock's presence in my shop.

I thank you for your understanding, and for your business!

-John Kurdzionak


For a phone or email price quote, please click the link below:
Price Quote via Email or Phone

After paying the $10 “Price Quote” charge, you may email or phone JFK with a description of your clock, photos, etc. and JFK will provide you with a price quote. The $10 will be applied to repairs if you approve them, but is non refundable if you decline. If JFK cannot, or chooses not to repair your clock, your $10 will be refunded.

If you have questions or do not see the information you are looking for above, please see my contact page for phone numbers and email address.

SHIPPING AND RETURN SHIPPING - Yes, I will repair your clock through the mail. I have provided a repair form for you to print out and fill in the needed information. Click here for the web page version. If this does not print well for you, please try the Microsoft word 6.0 doc file, or the Acrobat pdf file.

BEFORE SHIPPING YOUR CLOCK TO JFK, PLEASE NOTE: There is a $35 charge for an in-shop price quote (applicable to repairs; non refundable), a $40 handling charge for mailed-in clocks (covers the unpacking, repacking, processing of shipping, etc. and is not applicable to repairs and is not refundable), and a $25 minimum return shipping charge. This is $100 total. You may pay this $100 by check or credit card. (Please see the purchase link below to pay via credit card).

WHEN SENDING YOUR CLOCK, please include a brief note telling me who you are (and how to contact you); and please include your name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail. Also please enclose a $100 check, or a printout of your $100 credit card receipt (the credit card purchase link is below).

SHIPPING YOUR CLOCK SAFELY: to reduce the possibility of shipping damage, remove the pendulum and any exterior decorations if your clock has them. Wrap the clock well with bubble wrap, double box it if possible, with plenty of newspaper or plastic popcorn surrounding the inner box.

You should insure the package with the carrier for what you feel the reasonable replacement value of the item is, in case it gets lost in transit. Both UPS and the U.S. Postal Service offer insurance, and other carriers may do so as well.

If you cannot or do not wish to package your clock yourself, expert packing and shipping services are available at Mail Boxes Etc. and The UPS Store, which have locations throughout the country. For more information, Mail Boxes Etc. is online at, and the UPS Store is online at

To ship your clock to JFK, please do so using the above guidelines and please enclose a check for $100 or please click the credit card link below.

Price Quote, Handling, & Minimum Return Shipping Charges for Mailed-In Clock


My shop is well equipped to return your timepiece to you properly packaged. My shipping department has plenty of packing material and boxes to make the journey home a safe one for your timepiece. Packages are returned to you via UPS Ground, or US Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipping by FedEx is also available.

The minimum charge for return shipping on any clock, is $25.00. (This is in addition to the $35 price quote and $40 handling charges). Please be aware of the price quote ($35), handling ($40), and minimum return shipping charge ($25), before shipping your clock here.

Large, heavy, or high-value packages, and those involving considerable time to package properly, will have a higher cost. Special shipping requests, such as "Next Day Air", "2nd Day Air", "Weekend Delivery", etc., will cost more.

Click here for more detailed shipping and return-shipping information and pricing.

If you have questions or do not see the information you are looking for above, please see my contact page for phone numbers and email address.


Most repair jobs will require a deposit of 50%, with the remaining 50% due when the job is ready to be picked up or shipped. Some repair jobs do require 100% advance payment. Some repair jobs require no deposit at all, but DO require a credit card guarantee. Final "payment in full" is due on or before pickup, or at or before time of shipping. All charges, including packing, shipping, and insurance charges ($25.00 minimum), must be paid in full before an item will be shipped back to you.

I accept cash, checks, money orders, and           . Please do not mail cash, and please make checks or money orders payable to "J.F.K. Clock Repair". Repairs paid for by personal checks are held until the check clears the bank. When paying by credit card, I ship only to billing address unless other arrangements are made in advance.

How to pay: when you have approved repairs and the price quote, I will provide you with a written contract, which I will ask you to sign and date, and I will request either partial payment, full payment, or a credit card number as a payment guarantee (depending on the nature of the repair). Send the signed contract, and payment made payable to "J.F.K. Clock Repair", to: J.F.K. Clock Repair, 100 Cummings Center, Suite 159-D, Beverly, MA 01915. If you're paying by credit card, or if I have requested a credit card number as a payment guarantee, please include with the signed contract your credit card number, expiration date, security code (the 3-digit number on the back of your card, above your signature), and your billing address (required). My fax number, if you choose to fax your signed contract and credit card information, is found on my Contact Page. In the instances in which I hold your credit card number as a guarantee of payment, the credit card is charged on completion of the work and immediately before shipment, no deposits or advance payments having been charged.

Please do not e-mail your credit card information, as e-mail is not 100% secure; also, because this webpage is not equipped with "secure server, online purchase" technology at this time. (It will be, eventually!).

If you have any questions or concerns please ask.


JFK Clock Repair guarantees all major clock repairs (overhauls), and new clock mechanisms, for two years. The guarantee covers labor and parts.

Problems with completed repairs are rare. In fact you will probably not have any problems with clocks that are repaired by JFK Clock Repair. But if you do, my guarantee policy is clearly published on this website. It is my hope that publishing it here helps ensure you that JFK will cheerfully remedy any problem that's covered under the guarantee. It is also my hope that it gives you the confidence in knowing that JFK Clock Repair is the right place to which to bring, or send, your clock.

The Basics: If an overhauled clock fails to run properly during the 2-year guarantee, then upon receipt of the clock, the cause of the problem will be determined, and the clock repaired at no cost to you, subject to the provisions and terms of my 2-year guarantee (below).

Similarly: If a new mechanism that was supplied and installed by JFK Clock Repair fails to run properly within the two-year guarantee due to mechanical problems or manufacturing defects, JFK Clock Repair will repair or replace the mechanism (at its discretion), at no cost to you, subject to my guarantee's terms and provisions (below).

The Fine Print: Absolutely no refunds for parts or labor charges will be given as a means of honoring the guarantee. A non-running, or poorly performing clock that's within the guarantee period, shall not be the subject of a request for a partial or complete refund of parts or labor charges. If a repaired clock fails to run properly during the guarantee, JFK Clock Repair is most happy to remedy the matter (subject to the terms and provisions of the 2-year guarantee, below), but the circumstance will not be considered as the basis of a refund request.

Nor should the instance of an improperly performing clock during the guarantee period be the cause of "Buyer’s Remorse". Buyer's Remorse is unfortunate when it happens, if it happens. It is a customer emotion that, unfortunately, sometimes shows itself when a repaired clock fails to run properly. This is understandable, but it is an emotion to which JFK Clock Repair cannot cater. No refunds are given.

JFK Clock Repair's sole obligation in honoring the 2-year guarantee is to repair the clock, or replace its mechanism, at JFK's discretion, and to extend the 2-year guarantee the an appropriate amount of time, based in part on the nature of the problem, and in part on the length of time the clock was in the shop for repairs under the guarantee.

JFK is, and will be, most happy to do so.

With the "Basics" and the "Fine Print" having been stated, here are the terms and provisions of the guarantee:

TWO-YEAR GUARANTEE: Clock overhauls and new mechanisms are guaranteed by JFK Clock Repair for a period of two years, effective the date of the original repair or installation. The guarantee covers stoppage, or improper performance, due to mechanical problems with the overhaul or mechanism, and/or manufacturing defects with the new mechanism. The guarantee does not cover: battery changes, battery leaks, suspension spring damage (caused by handling the pendulum roughly, or moving the clock with the pendulum attached); stop pin or chime cam damage (caused by moving the hands while the clock is chiming; or moving hands without stopping every 15 minutes or ½ hour to allow the clock to chime); chime selector lever damage (caused by moving the chime selector lever(s) while the clock is chiming); future adjustments for timekeeping; and any trauma to the clock that is beyond the control of JFK Clock Repair (including, but not limited to: falling off of a wall or shelf; being tipped over; or suffering other tampering, abuse, or damage).

The guarantee is VOID, and JFK Clock Repair will not provide a free repair, if the clock has been abused, misused, oiled, sprayed with a lubricant such as "WD-40" or similar, or if the clock has been tampered with in any way or if another person or shop (qualified to repair clocks or not) attempts a repair, adds oil, lubricant, or "cleaner", or tampers with the clock in any way.

WARNING: Benevolent neighbors who have read a book or watched a video about clock repair; a "know-it-all" spouse who can fix anything; "tinkerers" and "handy" types; and electrical or mechanical engineers, are generally your clock's most serious "guarantee voiders". If you have a problem with a repaired clock, or if you THINK you might have a problem with your clock, please contact me or return it for an evaluation. It's that simple. I will cheerfully take care of it, subject to my guarantee's terms and conditions. The benevolent repair attempt by 1.) Your neighbor with the tool kit (who tells you how "easy" clock repair is); or by 2.) Your "know it all husband"; or by 3.) That "electrical engineer" in your family, who thinks he knows everything, might be the reasons JFK Clock Repair voids your guarantee. Keep these people at least 10 feet away from your repaired clock, and simply contact me if you feel there is a problem. I will cheerfully remedy it.

                      After paying the $10 “Price Quote” charge, you may email or phone JFK with a description of your clock, photos, etc. and JFK will provide you with a price quote. The $10 will be applied to repairs if you approve them, but is non refundable if you decline. If JFK cannot, or chooses not to repair your clock, your $10 will be refunded.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Privacy Policy and Business Ethics Statement:

I request contact information and credit card information when web site visitors send clocks to me for repairs, and provide a "repair form" on this web site that visitors may print out to facilitate providing this information. All information provided to me is for my use only, is kept confidential, and is maintained on a computer separate from the Internet server.

Any business related e-mail sent to me is kept confidential. I NEVER give, exchange, or sell visitor e-mail addresses, domain names, or other contact information to any other persons, businesses, or organizations. In gathering traffic statistics, my web server automatically recognizes domain names of visitors, but not their e-mail addresses. This information is available to me to help me serve my visitors better.

This web site contains links to other web sites. Please be aware that this is done only as a courtesy to visitors, and that I am not, nor will be, responsible for the content, privacy policies, or business practices of any such web sites. I advise my site's visitors to be "aware" when they leave my web site, and to read the business policies and privacy statements of any other web site that is reached via a link from my web site.

I will not answer any verbal or written inquiries pertaining to (nor will I comment on or engage in conversations regarding) the personalities, ethics, competency, reputations, pricing, or business dealings of other persons, web sites, repair shops, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, or businesses of any type.

I keep completely confidential: a.) your clock's presence in my shop; b.) the repair amounts that I charge, and that you agree to pay; and c.) your identity. No-one, aside from you and me, will be privy to: 1.) our business transaction; 2.) the type of clock you own and/or its value; and 3.) your personal information.

Many clock shops openly "share" what I consider to be confidential information with other clock shops. Some even go so far as to "brag" about your clock's presence in their shops, and how much money you're paying.

For example, many repair shops "show off" their customers' clocks to friends, associates, competitors, and clock collectors, or discuss them on Internet chat groups. Many clock shops openly discuss their "pricing" structure and rates; their customers' clocks' "values"; and, the perceived "wealth" or spending ability of their customers. And they do so with friends, associates, competitors, and clock collectors, both in person and online in "chat rooms".

I find all such behavior inappropriate, and you have my assurance that will do absolutely none of the above.

Please write or call if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have questions or do not see the information you are looking for above, please see my contact page for phone numbers and email address.

Thank you for your confidence.
-- John F. Kurdzionak,
J.F.K. Clock Repair


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