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Proper and professional packaging and shipping are what I consider the final parts of a job done right, and are not merely "afterthoughts" just to get a clock shipped and "out the door". All clocks are packaged properly and professionally by me, right here on-site, using top quality, state-of-the-art packaging materials and processes.

I take the proper shipping of your clock as seriously as I take the proper repair of your clock.

My shipping department makes use of brand new, professional quality corrugated boxes, packing materials, and technologies. To protect your clock on the return journey home, it will be boxed in an appropriately sized corrugated shipping box, and will generally be wrapped in bubble wrap (new bubble wrap, not "used" bubble wrap that was retrieved from the trash somewhere) and is then surrounded either by "plastic popcorn" or "expandable foam".

Plastic popcorn is just what it sounds like...plastic popcorn. It is an excellent packing material, and will well-protect your clock from damage. I also, in some instances, use "expandable foam". This is what I consider to be the ultimate level of protection for fragile shipments and is a state-of-the-art technology for safely packaging items to be shipped. It is a chemical foam in a plastic bag that "expands" inside the box, surrounding your clock and actually molding itself to the shape of your clock's exterior, while simulatneously expanding "outward" until it reaches the inner confines of the shipping box. This ensures that the clock has a sturdy wall of foam between IT and the walls of the box, and ensures that the clock cannot move, shift, or sustain damage during shipment. I own the machine that prepares the bags of "expandable foam" for their insertion into shipping boxes, and have several sizes of foam bags in stock at all times to fit varying sized clocks and packages, and make use of the "expandable foam" for certain shipments where its benefit as a packing material is desired or required.

Finally, the outside of the package is taped neatly, and is labeled as to "which side is up", and is marked as "fragile" and as contaning "delicate instruments". A clear plastic "Invoice Enclosed" envelope affixed to the outside of the box will contain your invoice and receipt.

Inside of the shipping box, not only will you find your clock (well-protected and 100% intact), but also a set of instructions authored by me, as to the proper setup and operation of your clock.

Shipping Carrier:

Whether a repair has been done to your clock or not, your clock is return-shipped to you via United Parcel Service-Ground (UPS Ground); Federal Express (FedEx) Ground; or via the United States Postal Service's Priority Mail. If you have a shipping preference, please let JFK know which carrier you prefer. Otherwise, the shipping carrier is chosen at JFK's discretion.

Your shipment is insured against loss or damage for the "declared value" that you have requested that your timepiece be insured for while it was in JFK's possession. See description of Declared Value below.

To further ensure a safe passage home, all clocks shipped by JFK require a "signature" in order that your package is delivered to your address. This provides the carrier with a record of WHEN the clock was delivered, and WHO signed for it, should such information be required to trace the status of a package.

Requiring a signature also means "no signature, no delivery". If nobody is home to "sign for" your clock, the delivery person will not deliver it. In this way, clocks will not be left "unattended" on a doorstep or porch, subject to theft, poor weather, or other variables. By requiring a signature, all packages shipped by me are traceable every step of the way, from the moment they leave my shop, to the moment someone at your home or office signs for them.

The thorough methods I use when shipping, ensure that your clock is transported safely, properly, timely, and reliably, every step of the way.

(If, for your convenience, you would like your clock shipped with "no signature required" so that it IS left at your home without a signature, JFK will do so at your request, and at your risk. Just ask in writing, and JFK will be happy to ship "no signature required"). If your clock ships "no signature", JFK's liability for the clock shall end as soon as JFK presents your package to the carrier.


What will shipping your clock back to you cost?

About $100.

If you ship your clock to JFK, the costs are as follows: $35 for the in-shop price quote; $40 for in-shop handling (unpacking, packing, processing return UPS, etc.) And as a general rule-of-thumb, one should expect return shipping and insurance to cost $25 minimum*. This totals to $100.

*Generally, return shipping + insurance costs between $25.00 and $50.00 per package for most small to medium sized clocks, whereas the largest wall or cuckoo clocks can cost as much as $100.00 to ship and insure.

Please be aware of the price quote ($35), handling ($40), and return shipping costs ($25 minimum) that JFK charges, and if you have any questions or concerns about packing and shipping costs, please call or e-mail before you ship something and JFK would be happy to clarify things.

If you would like to have your clock's return shipment billed to your personal or business UPS or FedEx account, JFK will be happy to do this for you. Please supply your UPS or FedEx account number. Please note that if you have shipping billed to your own account, there is still a $35 charge for a price quote, and a $40 charge for handling in the shop ($75 total). If you supply me with your own return label that was generated on your computer and printer, your cost will be $35 for the price quote and $35 handling (instead of $40 handling, a $5 discount), for a total of $70.

Questions? Concerns? Please write or call. Inquiries about expected shipping costs, or to clarify quoted shipping costs, are welcomed.

Declared Value:

This is the "reasonable replacement value" that I ask you to "declare" that your clock is "worth" should be lost, stolen, or damaged while in my possession or while in shipping, in which cases you would desire and require compensation for such. In the event of fire or theft at the shop, or in the event of damage or loss while in transportation, the "declared value" that was stated by you prior, will allow my insurance company or the shipper (UPS) to make a payment to compensate you for your lost or damaged clock.

As an example, if you have a $300.00 clock and "declare" that its "value" is $300.00, then this makes matters simple and straightforward if compensating you for a loss was ever required. You "declared" that its value was $300.00, and compensating you this amount would be a very simple process.

Without a "declared value" stated in advance and documented however, a lost shipment, or loss from a fire in the shop, might mean that someone's $300.00 clock all of a sudden becomes a $3,000.00 clock, when it comes to lawsuit time. Or, a $100.00 clock might all of a sudden become a priceless heirloom worth thousands, if a value of $100.00 was not documented prior. These are situations that must be avoided.

I avoid these situations by requiring that you declare a value on your clock when sending it to me. This "declared value" should be the "reasonable replacement value" the clock would cost, should the clock need to be replaced.

"Reasonable replacement value" means "reasonable". It does not mean "excessive" or "fraudulent". If I feel that your "declared value" is excessive, or otherwise "unreasonable", then you will be contacted by me by phone or e-mail and I will present an option to remedy the situation. If an agreement on "reasonable replacement value" cannot be reached, I will ask you to send payment for return shipping at once, and your clock will be returned to you.

Otherwise, in the unlikely event of theft, damage, or other type of loss, your "declared value" will ensure that you are properly compensated for your loss by either my insurance company or by UPS. This protects you, your clock, and me. So please remember to "declare" a "value" on your clock, when sending it to me for repairs.

Thank you for your confidence.
- John F. Kurdzionak

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