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Professional grandfather clock repair in Boston area shop:
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Howard Miller                 Ridgeway              Pearl                Trend               Sligh
Seth Thomas (Talley Industries)          Barwick            Ethan Allen
Baldwin Piano            Colonial Molyneux                 Emperor
New England Clock Company                Wuersch               Mason & Sullivan
Tempus Fugit          Dold                  King Arthur           Viking
Heritage Heirloom                 Daneker              Tradition
Cuckoo Clock Manufacturing (Mfg.) Company ( Co. )

Hermle Black Forest               Kieninger              Urgos
Jauch                  Mauthe

Grandfather (and Grandmother) Clock Repair
For Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire

  • The finest grandfather clock repair service in and near the Boston MA area
  • A large service area in southern New England, including: central and eastern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, northeastern Connecticut, and northern Rhode Island.
  • House Calls / Pickup & delivery.
  • Fast, dependable service.
  • Experience…in fact a lifetime in the "grandfather clock repair" business.
  • Technical expertise; service excellence.
  • Extensive movement and parts inventory.
  • Two-year guarantee on major repairs.

Services Offered:

  • Minor repairs/adjustments.
  • Clock setup and startup (new clocks; clocks that have been moved or were in storage, etc.).
  • Major repairs: movement (mechanism) replacement.

Westminster Chime, Triple Chime, or Sequential Chime grandfather clocks repaired.

Rod chime, or Tubular Chime (5-tube or 9-tube) types repaired.

Specializing in:

  • Store-bought grandfather clocks (Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Trend, Sligh, Ethan Allen, etc.) made beginning about 1960 and including all current models.

  • Corporate "gift" clocks from an employer, generally awarded in the late 1970s through the present, such clocks often being the Howard Miller brand.

  • "Homemade from a kit" clocks (Emperor, Klockit, Mason and Sullivan, etc.) plus grandfather and grandmother clocks made in high school wood shop classes in the 1970s and 1980s.

Quick Facts:

JFK Clock Repair is THE Boston-area and southeast New England source for professional, competent grandfather clock repair (and house calls) for modern grandfather clocks (Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Trend, Sligh, Ethan Allen, Pearl , etc.). JFK has been repairing grandfather and grandmother clocks for a living (not a hobby) since he was a teenager...and today JFK is the one of the only clock repair shops in eastern Massachusetts that is eager to make a house call to repair your grandfather clock.

Grandfather clock repair for New Hampshire: JFK is pleased to offer "house calls" and his repair services to customers in southern New Hampshire. Customers in Nashua, Merrimack, Bow, Salem, Pelham, Seabrook, Windham, Derry, Londonderry, Madbury, Plaistow, and Nottingham NH have been served since 2008. JFK would like to make your grandfather clock, and your city or town, next. If you're in the Manchester, Concord, Portsmouth, Dover, or Rochester NH areas, if you need JFK to repair your grandfather or grandmother clock, please inquire.

Are you ready for a "house call"? Please Contact Me. Otherwise, more details (and a "questions and answers" section) about my services, may be found below.

CLOCK KEY SALES: Need a new replacement Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Trend, Sligh (or other) Grandfather Clock Key? Clock Keys for Sale

More Details:

Expert Grandfather and Grandmother Clock Repair. Specializing in modern (those with German-made mechanisms that were manufactured after 1960) grandfather and grandmother clocks. From that little grandmother clock you or a family member purchased in a furniture store in the 1960s, to that large, ornate, and beautiful grandfather clock that you bought in the 1990s or 2000s (and anything in between), I can repair most grandfather clock models that were manufactured in the last 40 to 50 years. I also service the "kit" clocks that many people built and assembled themselves in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s from published plans and do-it-yourself "kits", and those made in high school wood shops. (Examples of "high school" clocks are those that were made in the woodshops at the Medford Mass. and Somerville Mass. high schools in the 1970s and 1980s).

Extensive Inventory. Brand new, factory-genuine repair parts imported from Germany, in stock, for most grandfather clock models made since 1960, at all times. Replacement mechanisms, weights, pendulums, dials, numerals, parts, accessories, and hardware, are kept right on hand, in stock, for use in repairs.

A lifetime of experience in the grandfather clock business: I learned the business not from a book or videotape, but from my father as I grew up. In fact, in the 1970s and 1980s, while my young peers were watching television and playing video games (or worse), I was usually in the basement of our home, in my Dad's watch and clock shop, learning the clock repair business from him. I also traveled "on the road" with him for grandfather clock "house calls", starting before I was a teenager. Today, YOU are the beneficiary of the early training I received.

I want to repair your grandfather clock. I welcome the opportunity to serve you, while some shops view your "house call request" as an inconvenience. I invite you to please inquire about a house call. My experience, technical expertise, and parts inventory for modern grandfather clocks are unmatched in the Boston area, and my fast, reliable, and no-nonsense approach to "house calls" set me apart from everyone else.

Fast, dependable service. Grandfather repairs are often completed in one day. Some jobs require a few days, and a few will (at most) require a couple of weeks. No long waits, no hassles, no problems, no headaches, and no disappointment. Some shops require months, or even years, for repairs that ought to take a day, a week, or a month.

2-year guarantee on major repairs. The guarantee covers everything: parts, labor, and house calls. In terms of time and coverage, that's the best guarantee on grandfather clock repair offered in the Boston area.

Reliability. After I've performed a major repair on your grandfather clock, it will do what it's supposed to do, and it will do so properly and consistently for many years.


  • Do you make house calls? Absolutely. I do make house calls for grandfather and grandmother clocks.
  • Are house calls free? No, there is a charge for house calls, and the exact cost depends on the distance that you are located from Woburn , MA .
  • How much does a house call cost? I consider prices to be confidential information between my customers (and potential customers) and me. As such, I do not post prices online for all to see. If you call me or e-mail me, I'd be most happy to present my house call charges to you. The shop phone number and e-mail address are on my contact page. I will describe in detail the services I provide, I will explain what you can expect from my services and from your clock, and will answer any questions you may have. An appointment can be scheduled at that time, if you so choose.
  • When can you come to my home (or office)? As soon as I can!

    House calls are done weekdays and weekends, anytime from mid-morning to early evening…subject to my (and your) availability, and at a time that is convenient to both of us. In most cases, your appointment will be scheduled for a day and time that are within 2 weeks of your request, but I can often come the same week of your request, and sometimes, the very same day.

    Sunday appointments are available.

    Please note that major holidays, and several "family" Sundays per year, are days on which I am not available. But regardless, you'll receive an appointment that's convenient for you and that is, in general, done within 2 weeks of your request.
  • Do you charge extra for weekend or for early-evening appointments? No, of course not.

  • I called another shop and he made me feel like he was "doing me a favor" just to come look at my clock. Is this normal? With many shops, yes. Many shops view a "house call request" as some sort of inconvenience on them.
  • Can I bring my clock to you? Maybe. Most grandfather clocks are too large to reasonably transport, and are too large for me to move or for my shop to handle, so in most cases the answer is "no". However some of the smaller grandfather clocks, and the "grandmother" type, are small enough to fit in an automobile's rear seat or in the bed of a pickup truck or van, and CAN be brought to me without the need for a "house call". However please inquire before bringing grandfather clocks into the shop, and I will give you a "yes, you can" or a "no, please don't" based on the size and type of clock that you own. I also ask you to call ahead, so that I know when to expect your visit.

  • I have removed my clock's mechanism and will bring it to you. Can you repair it for me and I will do the installation myself? This is a reasonable request to make, but unfortunately my past experience with this arrangement requires that the answer be "no". I am happy to repair your grandfather mechanism if you bring it in, but the completed repair must be delivered and installed by me during a "house call".
  • Will you travel to my town? Probably!
    • My service area includes the City of Boston , MA; eastern Massachusetts ; central Mass. ; southern and southeast New Hampshire ; northern Rhode Island ; and northeast Connecticut .

      As a general guide, I will travel northeast as far as Portsmouth NH; north as far as Concord NH; west as far as Worcester MA; southwest as far as towns in northeastern Connecticut; south as far as Fall River/New Bedford MA (also northern Rhode Island); and southeast as far as the Cape Cod Canal.

    • Important! If you don't think you're within my service area, please inquire, instead of simply assuming that I won't. I have traveled outside of the above "range".

    • Note for House Calls in the city of Boston and other "city" neighborhoods: there must be a place for me to park my service vehicle! If you do not have a traditional "driveway spot" available for me, then there must be a close (not more than a block or two away), easily accessible parking space (on street, parking garage, etc.), that's large enough for a Ford E-150 cargo van. It must be a parking spot in which a "meter maid" will not ticket me; from which the police will not tow me; and in which I will not be vandalized ("punished") by whomever in the neighborhood "owns" the parking space I am using. I thank you for your understanding.
  • Can you repair my grandfather clock? I specialize in modern grandfather and grandmother clocks that have been made since about 1960 and that contain German-made mechanisms, such as: Howard Miller, Sligh, Ethan Allen, Trend, Ridgeway, etc. Also, I repair the homemade "kit" clocks (Mason and Sullivan, Emperor, Klockit, and high school woodshop) that were common in the 1970s and 1980s. If your clock was bought, or built from a kit, anytime after about 1960 (and right through to the present), then chances are, yes, I can repair it.
  • My clock was made before 1960. Can you repair it? If its mechanism was made in Germany in the 1950s, then, perhaps yes, but I would need to see it to confirm.
  • I thought grandfather clocks were supposed to last forever. When we bought it the salesman said it was an heirloom that would last for generations. It’s been less than 20 years. Why is my clock giving me problems? Don’t grandfather clocks last forever? Unfortunately, no. Modern grandfather clocks, if operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, have a life expectancy of about 10-15 years before developing major internal mechanical problems and failing to run, or to run well. Sometimes they can last as long as 25-30 years before failing, but this is rare; usually they're worn out and in need of major repairs (or replacement) by the time they reach age 15. So if your grandfather clock is 10-15 years old (or more), and if it's not running properly (or at all), this is completely normal and is caused by normal wear-and-tear.

  • Why have I seen grandfather clocks that are hundreds of years old still running today? THOSE clocks seem to last forever…

Clocks that are hundreds of years old and still running have not been running continuously for hundreds of years…they have been repaired a dozen times (or more) during their 200-year or 300-year lifetimes. Those clocks needed their first repair at some point, just like your clock may need right now…and as the decades added up, those old clocks needed repairs over and over again.

  • I can’t believe that grandfather clocks only last 15-20 years before needing repairs. Believe it. In 15 years of 24/7 operation, your grandfather clock will have "ticked" more than 470,000,000 (470 million) times, and will have chimed more than 500,000 (one-half million) times. Such use causes wear-and-tear over the years that will cause the clock to perform poorly at first, but that will later cause it to simply fail in service. (Try running your automobile 24/7 for 15 years, and see what happens!). In 2009, right now, MOST of the grandfather clocks I am called upon to repair were bought brand new in the years between 1987 and 1996.

  • My grandfather clock is 100 (or 200, or 300) years old. Can you repair it?

While I may have the skills to repair your antique tall clock, it's neither my specialty nor my business focus. Other repairs for more modern clocks occupy 100% of my time, and prevent my giving your centuries-old grandfather clock the time and attention it deserves. As such I do not repair antique tall clocks from England , Scotland , Ireland , Germany , America , etc. which date from the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s. It's not that I "can't" repair them, it’s that there is simply "no time per month" for me to do them! Thank you for your understanding.

My clock is a Hershede, and it’s less than 100 years old. Can you repair it? Maybe I have the ability to, but Hershede clocks are not my area of expertise either, nor are they within my business focus. Due to the constraints of time, then, I do not repair Hershede clocks. Again, I thank you for your understanding.

For a referral to another shop (near Boston, MA) that may be able to be of service on antique European and American grandfather clocks that are 100 or more years old, or on "Hershede" Hall clocks, please Contact Me.

Thanks so very much for taking the time to read this. If your question was not answered above, or if you have further questions or would like to make an appointment, please call me and I'd be happy to speak with you. See contact page for my telephone and fax numbers, and my e-mail address.

I consider myself the best grandfather clock repair shop in the Boston area for the servicing of modern (post 1960) clocks, and with the advent of the Internet and the exposure it provides, I am pleased to be able to offer my grandfather clock repair services to residents of southern New England more broadly than I was able to do prior.

No clock shop in the Boston area will match my fast service or 2-year guarantee. Few shops, if any, are as willing to make "house calls" as I am. Please call, e-mail, or fax for information and pricing.

Thank you for looking.

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