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Do you need to buy a new suspension spring? Is the "pendulum spring" for your mantel, bracket, shelf, wall, or grandfather clock lost or damaged? Brand new, replacement clock suspension springs are offered by J.F.K. Clock Repair.

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Listed below are the suspension springs that are the most common. You may see the full listing of these suspension springs in the Online Shopping Cart.

If you don't see the suspension spring that you need, please see "Don't See What You Need?" and perhaps I can supply it.

Please read "Things You Should Know" before ordering. And please review "How to Select a Suspension Spring" to avoid incorrect ordering and disappointment.

Ready to buy? Go directly to the suspension springs page. Or, if you prefer to order "the old fashioned way" by mail, fax, or telephone, you can order offline.

Here are the four most common suspension springs. One of these four, is probably what you need:

Clock Suspension Springs
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#HM-Small - A small sized suspension spring for German-made chain-wound and spring-wound mechanisms (movements) in modern (made after 1960) grandfather, grandmother, mantel, and wall clocks.

#HM-Large - A large sized suspension spring for most cable-wound and some chain-wound mechanisms (movements) in modern (made after 1960) grandfather clocks.

#UW-Small - A small sized suspension spring for German-made, chain-wound, Urgos ("UW") mechanisms (movements) in modern (made after 1960) grandfather and grandmother clocks.

#UW-Large - A large sized suspension spring for German-made, chain-wound and cable-wound, Urgos ("UW") mechanisms (movements) in modern (made after 1960) grandfather and grandmother clocks.

Things You Should Know

The suspension spring is the thin, flat spring from which the pendulum of a clock is "suspended", or "held". It does not "control" the running of the clock, and does not "repair" any aspect of the clock mechanism if you replace it. In fact, your clock mechanism controls the suspension spring; the suspension spring has no control over, or effect on, the operation of the clock! The suspension spring simply holds the pendulum in place, and allows the pendulum to swing properly. Other considerations:

1.) Your clock cannot operate without its suspension spring.

2.) If the spring is bent, or "kinked", or twisted, or otherwise damaged or broken, your clock cannot operate, or operate properly.

3.) If the spring is NOT bent, or "kinked", or twisted, or otherwise damaged or broken, and if it appears to be "OK", then replacing it is probably not necessary. In other words, if your suspension spring appears to be in good condition, it probably does not need to be replaced.

4.) Your clock probably has other problems if its suspension spring is in good order but the clock does not operate. Please contact me to inquire about (or please see for information about) the repair of your clock.

4.) A new suspension spring is not a "repair" to a clock with mechanical problems. Replacing a spring that's in good condition is not required. Replacing a damaged or missing suspension spring will allow a clock to operate properly if the clock is able to do so, but it will not ensure that the clock will operate properly. The new suspension spring will guarantee ONLY that you have a new suspension spring, and that your clock's pendulum is able to hang & swing properly. The clock mechanism must be in good order, in order for the clock to operate. New tires won't make a broken old car run again. Likewise, a new suspension spring won't make an old broken clock run again.

How to Select a Suspension Spring

1.) First of all, don't just guess and click! You might choose correctly, but you'll probably choose incorrectly. This results in disappointment, and the hassle of needing to exchange the spring and order again. Why not get it right the first time?

Compare what is listed on this website to what your clock uses. If you have the old suspension spring as a sample, the photographs and measurements on JFK's suspension spring page should be sufficient for you to find a matching spring, thereby allowing you to order the correct spring the first time. Just compare my photos to your spring, and compare my measurements to your spring. It's as easy as that.

2.) Ask me! If you do not have the old spring as a sample, or if have any doubt as to which suspension spring to order, please contact me for help, for information, or for clarification before ordering. Please also see Not sure which suspension to order?, below.

Ordering Offline (by mail, fax, or telephone)

How to order "the old fashioned way":

Send check or money order made payable to "J.F.K. Clock Repair", to: J.F.K. Clock Repair, 96 Cummings Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801. With your order please tell me who you are; also how to contact you if I need to; and which suspension spring you would like to order. Enclose payment for the spring, and please add one of the following amounts for shipping:

$7.00 First Class Mail to the USA $17.00 First Class Mail to Canada
$13.00 Priority Mail to the USA $30.00 Priority Mail to Canada

Or, phone, mail, or fax your credit card number, expiration date, security code (the 3-digit number on the back of your card, above your signature; it is 4 digits on the front of the card for American Express), and your billing address (required). My address is: J.F.K. Clock Repair, 96 Cummings Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801. My phone and fax numbers are found on my Contact Page.

 VISA CC   MC   Dscover CC   AMEX CC  are accepted.

Please do not e-mail your credit card information, as e-mail is not 100% secure.

Upon receipt of payment, a brand new suspension spring will be mailed to you from my stock.

If you are not in the USA or Canada, please contact me for a shipping quote to your country.

Return Policy

Suspension Springs are not returnable for a refund. (Find out why, HERE.)

If you order the wrong type, you may exchange it for the correct type. If the price is different, you will either pay the difference if more, or receive a refund of the difference if less. Contact me if you feel you have ordered incorrectly and would like an exchange.

Suspension springs for exchange must be in new or like-new condition. Springs that have been modified (or damaged during an installation attempt) will not be accepted for exchange.

Don't See What You Need? Not sure which suspension spring to order?

I have several types of suspension spring available. Only the most common ones are listed here. If you do not see the type of suspension that you need on this web page (or if you do not know which one to order), then please send a description of your clock, and please tell me any engravings that are on your clock's mechanism, if it's possible for you to see them. Or, take a photograph of the rear inside of your clock if possible (so that I can see the mechanism), and e-mail it to me (or print it on your printer and mail it to me). I will probably be able to determine from your description and/or your photos, which suspension you need.

Questions? Not sure which suspension to order? Want to inquire as to whether I can supply what you need? Want to mail or e-mail clock photos to me? Contact Me.

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